React profiler API

“Profiler API” Its purpose is to help identify the part of an application that are slow so that we can check your component performance
So maybe benefit for optimizations

    <Profiler id="Panel" onRender={callback}>
      <Panel {...props}>
        <Profiler id="Content" onRender={callback}>
          <Content {...props} />
        <Profiler id="PreviewPane" onRender={callback}>
          <PreviewPane {...props} />
function onRenderCallback(
  id, // the "id" prop of the Profiler tree that has just committed
  phase, // either "mount" (if the tree just mounted) or "update" (if it re-rendered)
  actualDuration, // time spent rendering the committed update
  baseDuration, // estimated time to render the entire subtree without memoization
  startTime, // when React began rendering this update
  commitTime, // when React committed this update
  interactions // the Set of interactions belonging to this update
) {
  // Aggregate or log render timings...